Friday, January 05, 2007

Father Christmas' Bulging Big Pink Sack

Well, that's Christmas over for another year. Can't say it went too badly, in fact, it went quite fabulously. There was a prodigious quantity of food and drink to be taken on board, some of which is still with us. Also a morass of toys for the kids to wade through, all of which needed acres of landfill burdening packaging, wrapping paper, not to mention the batteries.

I must say I did quite well, besides the usual dad-fayre of socks and underwear. I must smell a bit as I recieved a brace of new fragrances and attendant shower gels, deodorants and scrubs. Plus I get to play with all the kids toys as well as my own, so a few heavy sessions on Lego Star Wars 2 have helped stave of the interim boredom between Christmas and New Year. And I've not even played Resident Evil 4 yet. Woof.

And now of course it's back to work, so I'm just getting over the shock of getting out of bed on a winters day before 10 a.m. And my co-worker is playing bloody Morrissey. Again.

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