Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Leave the core, Hilary

There's an excellent bit in the movie 'The Core' near the start where a pre Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank helps land an off-course space shuttle on the freeway. She doesn't get to land it of course, 'cos she's a woman. Later on she gets to pilot a sort of train/mining machine to the centre of the earth to use nukes to start the earth spinning again after the bloke pilot dies. Swank saves the day and despite the physics, starts the earths core rotating again. It's bollocks of course, but fun bollocks with Stanley Tucci as a bulb headed clever dick who nicks ideas off of Delroy Lindo, who plays the serious one that actually invents everything.
You have to wonder why they bothered saving the earth though, when someone has done a 'dance' version of 'Say say say' by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, and 'Another Brick in the Wall' has been dancified by Eric Prydz? I mean what's the fucking point? Don't get me wrong, I'm not precious about either song. I do however, totally resent the stunted creativity of someone who thinks there is any reason to keep dredging up music from 20 or 30 years ago, music I can remember first time around, god help me, and making something utterly without merit after someone else has done all the hard work. McCartney doesn't need the money, and Pink Floyd have enough cars, though Jacko might be a bob or two short after paying all those lawyers.
This has been going on for years, you can go back to 'Hooked on Classics' (popular classical music with a crappy handclap dance beat added, in a, God forbid, medley) or even fucking Jive Bunny. Those are just the two worst offenders I can think of. It's still not relevant, has no point and is possibly even worse than cover versions. I don't mind samples or new lyrics over an old track ( except for Candle in the Wind, for obvious reasons ), or even when people appropriate hooks or bits of old stuff to add to their new stuff. But a dance beat over an old track is lazy, do it in your sleep stuff.
Where is the new music? I haven't heard anything recently that sounds new or pushes boundaries. I mean we can't have heard everything yet. So if you're Eric Prydz or Hi Tack, fair enough, you've got to earn a living, but spare a thought for those of us with ears and make something a bit more bloody original next time, eh?
Do I sound old? Do I give a monkeys?

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