Wednesday, November 22, 2006

High Blood Pressure

It seems I have high blood pressure. After one person I know had a heart attack and another had a nasty scare, I thought it prudent to check out a pain I had in my chest. The pain turned out to be muscular. As a bonus, however, I now find out I have high blood pressure. I'm going to have some blood tests next week and another BP test to check, but the doc was pretty much writing me a prescription there and then.
The problem is, the slightest thing winds me up. When I'm driving, cooking, at work, or even when I'm sitting very, very still, I can feel my blood begin to boil at the slightest provocation. I need to calm down, but how can I calm down when there's looneys trying to perform terrist acts that threaten the entire western world? How can I calm down when every five minutes a politician is telling me to be vigilant because there's looneys trying to perform terrist acts that threaten the entire western world and take away my liberties while at the same time said politician presses for legislation to take those selfsame liberties away anyway? Meanwhile I'm happily burning fossil fuels and worrying about the environment while eating fish and chips from non-recycled paper.
Even sending a fax sticks in my craw. I always ask if I can e-mail documents, but nine times out of ten they want a fax. I print a piece of paper, fax the paper, the fax machine prints a receipt on a piece of paper while simultaneously some distance away another piece of paper is being printed.
You can see my problem.
And it doesn't end there. I like cheese, which is a no no, and have mayonnaise on my sandwiches every day. It's low fat mayonnaise, but the cheese isn't. And I work in an office, so I sit down most of the day. Gah.
What this all boils down to is that I hate being reminded of my own mortality. I want to live until I'm at least 500, like they do in science fiction, then be uploaded into a computer. Ideally I would live for 5000 to 6000 years, which would give me enough time to sort out my comic collection in the attic and finish decorating the hall and stairs.
It's winding me up now, thinking about it, so I'm going to stop before something bursts. Anybody got any relaxation tapes?

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Furious said...

They do everything to kill us a slow death by feeding us crap, destroying the planet and breaking our spirits, and what do we want? More time on this Earth.

I rather be alive and raging than chronically asleep, though.