Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spirit of the blitz

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We'd just sat down to tea when the power went off. The wind has been high all day, really gusting, so I suppose it should have been no suprise. The only sound was the spin cycle on the dryer as it wound down. The kids got scared, but luckily we have losts of candles around. I walked to the closet and got a lighter I knew was in my pocket from Guy Fawkes night and lit some candles. The power came on briefly a few times before finally going off and staying off.
We finished tea; the dark allowing us to sneak some Ben & Jerrys past the kids, checked on my neighbour and lit more candles. The street was dead black. The kids were hyper, a mixture of excitement and fear. I called my parents to see if they were okay. Then the lights came back on for half an hour, before failing again for another half an hour.
They're back on now, but it was sobering just how much we rely on electricity. The kids were pissed because they couldn't watch TV, but equally, we couldn't open the washing machine, and most importantly, have a brew (I suppose I could have boiled a pan of water, but that's not the point.)
So excuse me if I stroke my computer like a lost kitten returned. Also, my neighbour brought us a big glass of port and rum each, so I'm a bit tiddled, too.

I was going to make some point about energy, ecology and stuff, but I'm off to switch all the lights on.


Furious said...

Well, I keep checking your inevitable, and nothing happens.

Furious said...

I mean inevitableS. It's such a pain that one can't correct one's own comment!