Thursday, November 23, 2006

Heres to the kings of the nineteen nineties.

Pop Will Eat Itself were great. Not just great they were ace. But their music has suffered by being entirely relevant to the time it was written. Thus, "We dig Optimus Prime and not Galvatron" is rendered doubly amusing by the fact Transformers have, in the intervening years since PWEI roamed the land, been and gone and come back again. I saw an anniversary Optimus in the shops the other week.
Lots of the lyrics creak; "Big Mac, fries to go" would, if uttered at any present day McDonalds, be met with, alongside a vacant stare, "Do you mean a Big Mac meal?" Even Def Con One doesn't have the same ring anymore. "This is the Day" remains one of my favourite albums despite this. Proto Brum hip-hop filled with samples you'd get hung drawn and quartered for stealing these days, it's fast and funny, especially the one about James Brown.
If I could be arsed, I'd try and find a PWEI site (bound to be one). I know one of them formed Bentley Rhythm Ace and Clint Mansell does soundtracks. His name is in the credits for CSI:NY and he did the music for Darren Aronofskys' Pi.

I wonder what the shouty one with the megaphone is doing these days?


Blimey, they did a reunion tour. How did I miss that? Next you'll be telling me Rush have a new album out...

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