Monday, October 23, 2006

Pork Crackling.

I cooked Sunday lunch yesterday, and on a whim, bought a joint of pork.(that's pig meat. It always stikes me as odd that we call it 'beef' or 'pork' instead of cow or pig. We don't seem to have that problem with lamb or chicken).

There was pork crackling. For the uninitiated, this is pork rind, roasted to a kind of kevlar hardness, and is considered by some a delicacy. Tasty, but I feared for my fillings, it was so crunchy. Better were the roast parsnips and a first for me, roast carrots, all done in the fat from the pork joint. Fantastic, especially with 99p cherry pie with cream for afters and copius quantities of wine to wash the whole lot down. It went some way
to softening the blow of spending £170 on shopping the day before.

How this happened I know not. I can only put it down to the childlike glee to spend that a new supermarket affords. Yes, we went to the new two storey Asda at Rawtenstall and my wage slipped away like soil from David McCallums' pockets in 'The Great Escape.' Upstairs is the standard fruit-veg-meat-cold stuff-tinned stuff-bread-eggs-booze-detergent-cat food-till experience of any Asda. Downstairs is the Joy of George, big tellies and toys. Plus a few lamps and stuff that constitutes the 'home' section. Walking past the big tellies is always a depressing experience. Like being East German and watching over the wall as the West Berliners take the piss throwing out consumer goods.

I want a big telly, but not enough to risk my mortgage like some folk do. I can't understand how people can subsist on credit. Looking at you Brighthouse. Sign up for 29.9% interest on repayments on your big telly? Don't worry! Have it now and pay later and we'll have your house if you miss a payment. It's bloody evil, and yet when I walked past the shop on Saturday it was full of people signing their houses away for a big telly. It scares the shit out of me. I can only conclude that people are happy to party like it's 1999, and stuff the consequences. How did we get like this in my lifetime? Credit used to be a dirty word. Now from the moment we enroll in college, we're in debt, but we're told it doesn't matter, we can pay it off later. It's either all Princes' fault, or the plot of 'They Live' was true and the film was made as a cunning double bluff to make us less likely to work it all out. This theory would mean John Carpenter is in the pay of the aliens and David Icke was probably right. *

Just remember, if Rowdy Roddy Piper wants you to wear sunglasses, it's probably for the right reasons. If it means I spend less as Asda too, that can only be a bonus, right?

*Not about wearing aquamarine tracksuits, obviously.

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