Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations
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We took the kids to see Blackpool illuminations on Tuesday night. It was just as I remembered it as a kid, apart from the bit about having to drive and not run into the car in front. Three and a half hours it took; my clutch leg is twitching at the memory. Some of the designs have been there since I was a kid. The nursery rhymes designs are still there. And the illuminated trams were running, though I didn't see the 'rocket' or the 'train'.

The phenomenal economic waste aside, it's magic for the kids. They get to stay up late, see something at once creative, astoundingly complicated and extravagant and go to Blackpool, which is an amazing place. There's so many sides to it. The stag do's and sordid lapdance bars, as much crappy food as you can eat, booze, carry on style sauciness, Norbreck Castle, 3 piers, the Winter Gardens, the beach, the Pleasure beach, trams and the tower. And don't forget there's the wild architecture, the Vegas on the cheap that is the golden mile.

I hope they don't just flatten the place and build casinos over it, because horrible as it is, it's still an amazing place to go.

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