Friday, October 20, 2006

What is mouse for, Kemosabe?

The scene; a dimly lit forensics lab, somewhere in the United States.
An imaging specialist sits at a screen, whilst behind him stands our hero, a CSI, a federal agent, a detective doctor, Tonto out of the Lone Ranger, it doesn't matter. The words he or she will utter are:

"Zoom in on that part, there."

And he or she will point to the screen.

And the imaging specialist leans across the desk and… starts typing.

Hang on. What is he typing? Z-O-O-M I-N O-N T-H-A-T P-A-R-T, T-H-E-R-E, possibly, or an urgent e-mail to his girlfriend asking her to pop round to his flat and put the cat out? Anyone anywhere that uses any sort of image manipulation software, like Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw or even Microsoft Paint, knows that you use a mouse for pretty much everything. And then, once you've zoomed in, you need to T-I-D-Y U-P T-H-E I-M-A-G-E. Generally this is an 800 x 600 pixel still from a security camera, and will normally involve reading the license plate of a car reflected in someone's sunglasses.

You try it.

Surely some of the designers who work on these shows have pointed out to the directors that people don't generally type stuff when they're working with images. You can imagine the scene…

Director: I need a graphic for a show I'm working on.

Graphics person: Okay, how about one of these?

Director: Great. Hey, can you zoom in on that one, that looks cool.

Graphics person: Sure.

Director: Whoa, hold on there a minute! How in sam hill did you do that without touching the keyboard!? And why is it all blocky when you
zoom right in, can't you clean it up a bit?

Graphics person: *MURNS!!*

If it was me it would no doubt be the straw that broke the camels back. By the way, I didn't type this post, I copy pasted it all from previous posts using my mouse.*

*May be a lie


ade said...

And also the fact that when they "process" some "clothing" on a "suspect", say, a man named Brent Froth; the display attached to the Clothing Processor flashes up a massive title bar saying "Processing Brent Froth's Clothing" in case we've forgotten between the ginger man saying "Let's Process Brent Froth's Clothing" and the lab woman saying; "OK I will Process Brent Froth's Clothing in my Clothing Processor". Plus, the Clothing Processor manages to play some really hip cool drum and bass reworking of a light jazz track whilst it processes clothes.
I watch too much CSI.

Furious said...

Your comment on the dilbert blog made me laugh.