Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reddish Thicky

I can't remember what reddish thicky is, or even if it's important. It came to me this morning while I was pondering my situation. What was, or is, reddish thicky? Is it a place name? Or a food? I no longer recall. All I can remember is the name. Perhaps you know.
In other news, nothing much has happened. Or perhaps they have and I can 't remember what they were. I hate not being able to remember. I forget so much, though I can recall all kinds of crap. I berate my son for reciting lines from Harry Potter films or Simpsons movies, yet know loads of lines from films like Blade Runner, Aliens and others. Why do we remember so much shite? It's not like we have any choice half the time. Advertisment jingles are the worst offender, along with crappy catchy pop tunes. There's so much useful stuff that just slips out of your brain.
This is why I worry about reddish thicky today.
What if it's really important and I can't remember why?

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