Monday, January 28, 2008

La la la la la mmmm

You ever feel like you've lost focus?
I'm a daydreamer. Really on another planet most of the time. Just recently I've been getting worse, and it's worrying. Why the hell do we daydream? What possible reason could our primate brains have for only having half a mind on the job, while the rest is thinking of inventive ways to dispatch zombies* or defeat the Gorfian empire in the Denebian system?
It's a useful tool, I suppose, when you're bored, but when you need to concentrate and instead find your mind wandering the plains of Mordor, it's disurbing. I keep wondering whether there's some line you cross, where you just end up drooling in a ward for the delusional somewhere, forever lost to the world. A film like Brazil starts to make more sense.
I imagine successful people rarely daydream. Their brains are wired to face front all the time, even when relaxing. When I'm relaxing, I get sudden, terrifying jolts of did I pay that bill? Is the car locked? Or where am I supposed to be tomorrow? Curse my disorganised brain.
*For the record, dispatching zombies is a secondary concern. After years of research, the best survival tactic I can recommend is to make sure everyone gets along. Invariably in zombie films, it is the human protagonists who kill themselves by taking their eye off the masses hordes of the undead and instead arguing and fighting amonst themselves. If only they'd put aside their differences, calm down and work together, they'd still all be alive. That and a zero tolerance policy for bite victims.
You can see I've thought this through, can't you?

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