Thursday, September 13, 2007

Track 45 right.

I was going to write about Blade Runner, hello again, by the way. Been a while. Where was I? Oh yes, Blade Runner. I was listening to the soundtrack in the car this morning and got a hankering to watch the film again. I have an old VHS copy somewhere, with the Harrison Ford voiceover and the rubbish happy ending. I've seen the directors cut, (well one of them, anyway) and I have to say I prefer the voiceover version, minus the happy ending bit.
I think there's an ultimate directors cut out on DVD, so I might look that up. What am I saying? The ancient shower packed up yesterday, so I had to have a bath this morning. It was a very old shower, possibly Victorian, from back when electrickery was a new fangled confabulation. It's something of a miracle it's survived as long as it has, but the pump ( I say pump, it could just as well be some leather bellows in there behind the copper casing, crackling with electricity ) finally gave up yesterday and the little orange light on the front finally gave out, a bit like the terminator dying. Have you ever gone without the luxury of a shower? A day and a half it's been and I feel like a crack addict going cold turkey. I need my shower.
 Blade Runner. The soundtrack bugs me a bit, me being a soundtrack nobhead. I want pure, uncut soundtrack, but the Blade Runner soundtrack was remixed by Vangelis several years after the film came out. The music was held in some kind of legal mess for over a decade, and a re-recording was all we had to make do with for years. The only notable part of this was the inclusion of Peter Skellern singing "One more kiss, dear." ( Peter is a Bury lad, see. ) He isn't on the original recording, but Demis Roussos and Mary Hopkin are and you can't get much better and that.
Like I said, I'm a soundtrack nobhead, so I have to listen with clenched teeth. The good bits are outstanding, the opening track, the one with Demis on, Blade Runner Blues. It's just a bit bobbins because when he got round to cobbling it together, Vangelis decided to mix it. I don't mind the bits of dialogue from the film, but mixing it or even remixing it? Meh, as they say. Compare it to the Raiders of the Lost Ark complete soundtrack, or BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER, the complete Total Recall soundtrack and I feel robbed.
Anyway, as I say, I was going to write about Blade Runner, but then as I was walking into work, I started thinking about Cagney and Lacey and which one was played by whom and what their full names were and what Mary-Beth Lacey's kids were called (one was called Michael, hubby was Harvey) and I sort of forgot about Blade Runner.

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