Monday, August 27, 2007

Zombies! Smallbrainfield's horror movie night in.

I watched the remake of 'Night of the Living Dead' last night. I've always wanted to see it. As groundbreaking as the original was, it's a bit dated. I'd heard good things about the remake and, hey, I wasn't disappointed. I love zombie films and this one stands on it's own as a corker.
The acting is good, Tony Todd is in it and Patricia Tallman is great as Barbara. In the original, all Barbara did was get dragged screaming from one zombie attack to another. In this version, she gets to kick ass and clobber, stab and shoot the flesh eating fiends.
The zombies aren't the feral, ferocious type seen in the Dawn of the Dead remake, but the original shambling type. They're none the less relentless though, and just as unpleasant once they get their hands in you.

Like all good zombie films, it has a downbeat ending, and a great payoff for the nastiest character in the movie. It does have some gross moments, but compared to Dawn it's pretty tame, though there are a couple of classic jumpy moments. Definately worth watching if it pops up again, which, seeing as it was on ITV4, will probably not be long off.

Even better, I turned over and caught 'The Relic' with Tom Sizemore. I've seen it before, and it made more sense the first time. Cool monster, but after 'Night of the Living Dead', it was a bit of a let down. The explosive bit at the end is ace though, and Tom Sizemore is ace.

Anyway, I'm off to board up all the downstairs windows.

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