Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lancaster bomber - overhead

As part of the war weekend ( lots of folk dressed as soldiers, jeeps rushing about and a full-on battle at Ramsbottom station with ersatz jerries) at the East Lancashire Railway, the steam enthusiasts managed to get a low level flypast by a Lancaster bomber organised.
I took the kids to watch, mainly because they probably won't see one ever again. I think it's the last one flying in the U.K.
It circled over Ramsbottom, and for a moment I thought it wouldn't pass us, then suddenly it soared down the valley passing right over us. Big throaty engine noise had the kids jumping about and shouting and pointing. It was an impressive sight. Luckily it didn't unload a ton of bombs on Bury, but gracefully rolled off over the hills and away. Fantastic.

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MrsLovely said...

That Lancaster bomber went over my house last Friday, it was very impressive.