Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pyramid Park

Pyramid Park 1
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The once pristine Pyramid Park, a victim of the council being skint. The pond is full of bricks and shoes and shopping trolleys. A long time ago, a statue of Nimrod lounged on a plinth at the centre and there was a fountain. Due to it's location and lack of a playground it's largely ignored except by the dog walking public, errant Richmal Cromptonesque schoolboys and class A drug users, (sometimes all three in the same person). It's bisected by the Metrolink system, which means access to the main park is via a subway, never the most inviting of walks, and it's in a bit of a hollow, so unless you were looking for it, you'd miss it from the road.

I have no idea who designed it, when it was built, who commissioned it or why it hasn't been built on yet by greedy developers. I like it because of it's oddness and the fact it has survived despite it's neglect and the apparent disdain of the local populace.

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