Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harrods Choccys

choccys 001
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We had some rather nice visitors from Hong Kong yesterday. So nice in fact, and so impressed with me explaining what happened in our office on a day to day basis, they all had their photos taken with me.

It gets better. As you can see from the photo. To say thanks for showing them round the office, they gave us a box of choccys and some tea. Both, I can confirm are entirely ace and totally unexpected.

No idea what's in any of them, ( the one with the bee on doesn't in fact contain bees, but a very fragrant honey, and booze) they are all ace, even the white chocolate ones, though white chocolate isn't real chocolate. Don't get me started on white chocolate.

The tea's good tea, too. Real stuff. Luckily I have an infuser in my desk. Yum.

The only downer was feeling a proper twat for not having a gift to give them in return. I've been caught out like this before, and in true western culture style, the feeling quickly passes in the soothing haze of a chocolate induced coma.

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Furious said...

If you ever wanted to start a blog to tell the universe how “white chocolate”, is in fact neither white nor chocolate and how the world's fucked because of this grotesque misconception, please consider me as a potential contributor.