Monday, November 27, 2006


Excuse me while I haul my huge critical appendage out into the fresh air, but last nights' episode of Torchwood was actually pretty good. Looking back, as much as I have wanted it to be good, it's been laboured, illogical and downright silly in places, when it should have been sharp, clever and fun. Never mind all the 'adult theme' bollocks, which is just an excuse for lesbian snogs every other episode it has constantly struggled to find a voice for itself. It can't be like Dr Who 'cos Dr Who is for kids, but it can't ignore it's source because it's been conspicuously referencing it's parent show every week.

Last night it seemed to find it's feet. The setup was good, the guest actor was great, the story was interesting and apart from a slightly shit ending featuring the line "There are some things we aren't meant to know", and a blink and you'll miss it demise for the baddie, it rolled along nicely. I even found myself warming to the characters a bit more, apart from the thin mouth pathologist who is still a wanker, and the one who had the cyberman girlfriend, who needs to get out more.

The bloke in charge needs to spend more time on a script supervisor and careful editing and less time on night time shots of Cardiff from helicopters and it might actually be good stuff.

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ade said...


Daniela Denby Ashe in a very short skirt.

Frog face bloke + Gap tooth woman's "romantic" storyline.

The premise that everyone everywhere is walking around secretly thinking of either sex or trying to avoid "the missus".

Frog face's sudden deduction that Toshiro's girlfriend (whom he's never met and isn't even aware of) is the mystery killer of a 200 year old corpse simply because he saw a couple of mortuary photos from the records of Cardiff police station.