Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mr Magic Tea-Fingers

Mr Magic Tea-Fingers
Originally uploaded by Smallbrainfield.
Mr Magic Tea-Fingers is a character I created, who has the ability to enhance weak tea with his special tea-grease. Unfortunately for Mr Magic Tea-Fingers and the people he helps, magic tea-grease can only be found up Mr Magic Tea-Fingers' bottom.

I lost all the source files in the great terrible hard drive disaster of 2006, which ended with me reintalling Windows, thinking all my hard work was on the other hard drive. It wasn't. I lost about 3 or 4 years worth of images, a lot of good stuff (and lots more rubbish). The only survivors were the low res versions I had stored on various internet sites.

Mr Magic Tea-Fingers is the first resurrection. Someone mentioned his similarity to Guy Fawkes in this pic, which is entrirely coincidental, but appropriate seeing as it's nearly bonfire night.

Now, all I need is a story...


Furious said...

Hello from L.A.
I like your blog. Feel free to post, I'll be reading you.

Smallbrainfield said...

Thanks. If you bump into Ice Cube, please say hello from me, (L.A. being a small place and all).