Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr Magic Tea-Fingers returns..

Finally, it's done. Most of the time was spent working out a vaguely humorous ending. The only trouble with something like Mr Magic Tea-Fingers is, the cruder it gets, the harder it is to come up with something funny that isn't just a retread of what I've done before. I found this out with a previous cartoon I did, about John Deacon out of Queen, where someone pointed out one strip was the same joke I'd done six months previously. I hadn't even noticed. It takes a while to draw as well, and this one isn't half as detailed as some of the earlier ones. I looked back for the previous Mr Magic Tea-Fingers tales and the last one was done almost a year ago. God knows how professional cartoonists get on doing a strip every day..

Warning: Click at your own risk. Contains very, very crude cartoon depictions of bodily functions and puerile humour of the sort normally reserved for toilet walls.

Click here for Mr Magic Tea-Fingers

Well, it made me laugh anyway.

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Furious said...

I stopped finding eating shit funny when I turned six. I'm sure I'm missing out.