Monday, November 06, 2006

Hornby Buildings 1933

Hornby Buildings 1933
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This is a detail of a row of shops, not far from where I live. It's due to be demolished soon, to make way for a big exciting new shopping development, i.e. more shops.
How many more bloody shops do we need? I've seen the artists' impression of what will replace Hornby Buildings and it's another faceless shell. It's not brave or new architecture, which I wouldn't mind, but it's just another shell to pack to the brim with useless toss of one form or another, to sell to people who can't really afford it, who can then go home and sit and stare at the walls until they rot from the brain outwards.
I imagine that Hornby Buildings was derivative. In it's time it was probably unremarkable. After all, it's just a block of shops with offices above. I still think it's a shame it's going, along with a church, a row of ancient shops and an old cinema, to make way for something sickeningly planned and polished and ultimately, very, very bland.

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Great minds think alike! Look at my entry on the exact same subject.