Monday, February 16, 2009


Haggis, originally uploaded by Smallbrainfield.

I'd never had haggis before this weekend. It seemed like a good opportunity when I went to a farm shop that sold them to try some. ( I actually went to get some squirrel meat but they didn't have any. )

Served it at lunch with potato and carrot mash with lots of salt and pepper. Very tasty. The taste reminds me of Cornish pasty without the potato or black pudding. It's spicy and greasy like those two meat parcels but unique in taste and texture. I'll definitely be trying it again when I get the chance.

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Monika Dubska said...

ewww i had some before on burns night. im not scottish but my friend is so i celbrated it with her. im also a veggie and tried it
yes worst crime haha

its awful!