Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grudging respect for Mac Pro

I upgraded the memory in a couple of Macs yesterday. Seriously, the inside of those brutal metal cases is a work of art compared to the guts of your average PC. I don't trust Macs on principle, but I have to admit that they are pretty awesome machines.
You pay your money and take your choice I guess, and you do have to pay a lot for your Apple goodies. They were still covered in dust inside though as PC innards habitually are, (my home PC smells of soot when it gets warm since we had the fireplace altered). That made them look a bit bob. I'm reaching a bit for something not to like here, aren't I?


Mr Fremescent said...

Things that make me want a mac - Garageband.

Things that make me not want a mac - price, smug users, lack of decent games.

Oh and I don't buy into that "macs break down less than windows machines do" as the fella in my office with a Mac is always having to reboot.
*waits for mac-head to contractict my post*
word verification: ferconin - the anti-depressant made from pine trees.

Mr Fremescent said...

..."contractict"?? I'm sure I typed 'contradict'.