Friday, July 04, 2008

Never, ever look.

Yes, I know it should be "its" in the text box.


Rob Fry said...

I love the gift horse cartoon. How would you feel about allowing me to use it in a small mailshot that I'm in the process of designing? It fits the bill perfectly.

Best regards


Smallbrainfield said...

I'm curious, what kind of mailshot? (You can contact me on Google + if you don't want to say in comments)

Rob Fry said...

hi,we are thinking of offering something for free, hence not looking the gift horse in the mouth! The nature of my business is actually direct mail itself, ie we send out mailshots and membership packs for companies. The plan was to send out a 2 stage campaign using both direct mail and email to 500 local business. your cartoon makes me smile every time I look at it! we could credit you / hyperlink you on the email to drive traffic in your direction if you wanted?

Smallbrainfield said...

A credit and a link would be fantastic. Most people don't actually bother to ask!

I don't have a higher resolution version unfortunately, otherwise I would send you that. Hope the version on the blog page is large enough?

Rob Fry said...

That is great thank you, I really appreciate it. The resolution looks fine at 300dpi. I'll look at editing out the apostrophe, not that I would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out in the first place to be honest!