Monday, March 10, 2008


Blogs are great aren't they? You can have my opinions for free, they
say. Well, here's mine, my lovely, great, steaming opinion. The world
appears to be blasting along at 110 per, straight into a financial, economic armageddon, with a good dose of religious war thrown in for good measure.
Or does it? Can we really trust our news media? There it sits, twenty four hours a day, pumping out rolling updates on nothing much, until something does happen, then we get constant coverage of the side of someones house (if it's a murder), a field (if it's a body), or some civic building (court case, financial collapse, important statement about deaths imminent).
What's the bias in all this news about? Well, misery and fear sell, so stories about murder, wars and people generally being bastards to each other make most of the news, rather than a man with a nice cat.
There's probably loads of books on it, which cleverer people than I would point you at; I think Michael Moore makes a point about it in one of his books. The point is, are things as bad as they seem? A group of scientists published a report last week which calls into question whether humans really are responsible for climate change. They're probably funded by oil companies or something, so that's probably a bad example, now I come to think about it.

I need answers, but can I trust Gordon Burns on North West Tonight?


ade said...

I've blogged about this before, but I'm convinced - and not in a tinfoil hat way - that part of the media's remit (whether it's tv or newspapers) is to scare the living shit out of us.
When I was at school it was all about Nuclear War, then it was the AIDS that would wipe out 50% of the population, there's been food scares, Bird Flu, The War On Terror and now Global Warming/Climate Change.
It's as if we need to be kept scared, to be living under the shadow of something bad in order to keep us in order.
As for all this climate change bollocks - one of the things I learned in school science lessons is that you need a control by which to measure your results. So I ask - where exactly is the alternative Planet Earth without motor cars and electric lights that climate change scientists are using as THEIR control? How do they know that the climate isn't warming up as a matter of course?
Rant over.

Smallbrainfield said...

I just wonder why they can't make the threats more exciting, like approaching alien invasion force or sea monsters.