Friday, February 01, 2008


It's supposed to be snowing, but of course, it isn't. Oh, I'm sure Scotland is covered in the stuff. No doubt there'll be pictures on the news tonight of cars sliding into kerbs and grannies battling through blizzard conditions to buy catfood.
Here, it's been raining a fair bit, it's cold and it's bloody windy, but no sign of any snow. Manchester snow has been disappointing for many years, generally when it does arrive, it's washed away by rain the same day. Any drifts that survive into the following day are normally just sad little brown-streaked piles surrounded by crying children holding toboggans.
The wind has been pretty scary though. It's mean. Last night it was screaming through the trees outside our house, while the flue trembled in the chimney. This morning it's just as bad. It nearly caught me walking across the yard at work earlier. Hark at me, all I go on about is the bloody weather.

Well, at least the sun is out.

In other news, which has nothing to do with me and so is clearly relevant, Britney has been sectioned. I bet if Britney Spears had weather like ours to worry about, she wouldn't be going doolally. California is clearly bad for your health. I only write this so that in decades to come, when I've been uploaded into the digital stream of conciousness meta-brain, I can re-visit this site and ponder why I bother.

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