Friday, February 15, 2008


I cannot begin to say how ace this film is without saying this. It is totally fucking awesomely great. There's been a lot of moaning about the camera work. Don't listen to the naysayers, go see this film somewhere with a big screen and great sound. I was sucked in. There are some massive jump out of your skin moments and a really nasty monster with some incredibly grisly surprises up it's sleeve.
The acting is uniformly believable and unsentimental, and the uneven tone of the action makes it completely stressful as you wait for the next horrible or crazed thing to happen, or watch stupefied as the protagonists stumble through a wrecked New York. The subway tunnel sequence is genuine shit your pants scary and the climb up a collapsing tower block is ball shrinkingly vertiginous. One of the best things about this film is the way it leaves you wanting more. You never quite see the monster, even at the end and there is very little explanation. It's survival horror for the big screen. There's even a love story, as the main focus of the film, Rob, drags his friends through the nightmare city to rescue his girlfriend.
If my blathering hasn't made you want to watch this film then think about this. I went to see Aliens vs Predator Requiem a few weeks ago. That was brainless fun, and great to watch at the cinema, but I didn't post on here about it, because ultimately, it wasn't worth it. Also, this is the first post I've slapped here in a week. If it's good enough to make me update my blog, it must be pretty ace. Just go and see it and tell me what you think.*
*Though clearly if you don't enjoy it, you're wrong to a massive degree.

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