Thursday, January 17, 2008


I live in Manchester. It rains a lot. Last night, on my way home from work, I thought it would be a good idea to dry out the car, which has been damp since about October.
To do this, I turned on the heating and thought hey, hot air rises, why not open the sunroof a touch and let all that warm damp air out that way? Leaving me in my nice warm dry car, smug in my application of science.
Except when I came to close the sunroof, it juddered to a halt.
I got home and rang the garage. Joy, they were still in. But, ah, you're just out of warranty. Meantime, what do I do about the hole in the roof of my car? It turns out there's a manual override, which means poking an alan key into a recess in the roof. The snag is, you can only turn it a quarter turn each time, so it took the best part of 15 minutes to close the roof. Even then, I wasn't sure it was properly closed. I checked this morning and it doesn't appear to be letting water in, but now I need to find a dealer garage to check it out. I suppose it could be damp wiring or a fuse, but it the way it juddered to a halt...
Curse my science brain!

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