Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After weeks of rain, the sun reared it's head above the clouds this morning. Hip hip hip hooray! It's got it's hat on and it's coming out to play. Which will be a great comfort to all those poor sods that are sitting in flood waters as I type.
It's cold and frosty. The car feels soggy throughout after weeks of wet, so when I defrosted the windscreen this morning it was practically raining inside. My dad keeps telling me to use the air conditioning to dry out the car, but I still haven't bothered to read the instructions in the manual so I just turned up the heating and opened the window a bit when it got so my eyeballs were stinging. Since I broke the sunroof, I've been wary of trying the other gadgets in case I break them too. My old car was basic but solid. This one is full of exciting stuff which my man-hands seem to be only too capable of smashing like glass straws under the feet of giant metal men.
In other news, I bought some memory for my PC. I've never bought memory before and am prepared to be underwhelmed by the benefits it brings to computing. Crucial Memory had a really nice graphic like a sort of digital rev counter showing how much improvement I could expect by adding more memory, despite their motherboard recognition tool showing the wrong motherboard. Still it wasn't too expensive, so I'll see what happens.
As I type, the sun has also brought out the builders, who are industriously demolishing a wall right next to my office. It's the wall all the delivery vans bump into when they're turning around, and was kind of falling down anyway, so at least it shouldn't take them long. I had to move my car, which was a swine as all the good spots had gone and I 've had to park at the far end, where the ivy grows over the wall so much that I had to get out of the car through the passenger door. Never mind, I got to walk out in the fresh morning air and see the sun again. Wonderful!


Lee said...

Sun eh? Lucky buggers.

It's actually snowing here. First time in 2 years. But the damn Japanese and their efficient manner meant not a single train, or more importantly work, was cancelled...

Talking of sun, when do we get to see some Las Vegas pics?

Smallbrainfield said...

It's all on Flickr.


Lee said...

Yeah, but a bit of a write-up would be nice, no?

On a side note, your gym membership is obviously working in more ways than one, as the Google Ads have shifted from being curry to exercise related!