Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clear road ahead

A lovely French exclamation? I can't remember. Anyway, despite horrific roadworks, with practically all the town centre roads closed, getting to work this week has been a breeze. Lots of people are on holiday, and of course, the schools are all closed, so the school run hell of four-wheel-drive behemoths lurching from school to nursery to health club and back have ceased. Joy.

Really, the state of the local road infrastructure is terrible and Manchester council are gunning for a congestion charge, which frankly is bollocks. Nobody is going to pay for rubbish roads, but it won't stop people driving on them. Especially the four-wheel-drive owners. Driving on Manchester roads is akin to an army training range for tanks, replete with ramps, potholes and exciting slalom courses through innumerable cones.

Anyway, it's lovely and sunny and it's my birthday today. So long as they haven't bricked-up the end of my street when I get home, I'm not really arsed.


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