Friday, July 20, 2007

Entire Government on Cannabis - Official

With the admission now that Harriet Harman smoked cannabis as a student, that brings the number of cabinet pot-heads to six, with numerous others admitting to the odd crafty joint back in the day. You can imagine the scene in cabinet meetings. An assortment of Che Guevara t-shirts, paisley and patchouli at one end of the table and the squares sat with Gordon Brown scowling at the other.
The other lot are not much better. At least 8 of them admitted some sort of drug use in their past. David Cameron has refused to comment, but rumours abound that he partook of the odd joint back in college. It's practically reefer madness in the halls of Westminster at the moment.
The worst part is the way they're all saying, "oo, it's bad, you shouldn't do it." when they all clearly have and it hasn't done them any harm. What they should be saying is "don't do it if you're poor, as we were all middle to upper class, had good schooling and healthy prospects, so for us, it was just a bit of a wheeze, whereas for you, it's clearly all you have, takes away a serious amount of your income and might well ruin your life." Which would be more honest.

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