Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead Zone update

It hasn't happened for a few weeks now. Whatever mysterious force was acting on my car has moved on, probably to sucking cows brains out of their bottoms, or abducting midwestern americans for a laugh. But seriously, I think Mulder and Scully can go back to the crown green bowling and bingo. I did have a problem with the rotor arm assembly, which cost me a cool £60 to get sorted at the garage. I'm hoping there'll be no more nasty suprises from the car as I'm looking for a new one after the holidays and could do without spending any additional wedge.

The rainstorm

It's a fucking great car, a few rattles and the kids have ruined the seats with various spillages, vom, yoghurt, mud, trodden in biscuit, Babybel wax (fucking purple wax BASTARDS) wrappers, unidentified sticky stuff and one episode with snot. Aside from that, and I must also add at this juncture that despite the punishment, it still smells okay, it is still a dream motor. Albeit a 12 year old dream motor. If I get the same reliability out of my next car I'll be very lucky.

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