Thursday, February 15, 2007


This is by far and away my favourite picture I've ever done. And it's just passed 200 views on Flickr. Not much considering the amount of attention some pictures garner, but I'm proud of it all the same.

It also kind of makes me miss Star Trek The Next Generation, though when I caught an episode recently I thought it looked a bit bobbins. I enjoyed Star Trek, but either I've changed or it's dated badly because it doesn't seem that relevant now. Voyager killed it by being too much too soon after TNG and DS9. Enterprise was good, but I think by then Trek fatigue had set in. I never saw the last Star Trek film, Nemesis. I have it on good authority that something bad happens to one of the characters. I know which one but I'm not sure what happens to them and don't want to know. If that sounds a bit stupid I don't really care.

Perhaps I need to go back and watch some of them again.

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Stephen said...

I didn't do TNG first time round, and am loving it now. I also enjoyed the Enterprise episodes I saw. "Nemesis" was good (saw it on a plane)...

200 views is pretty good going for something that's not in any high volume groups - or, in fact, in any Flickr group... if some of the viewers had "favourited" it, it would have made Explore. Which would have been aces.