Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fred Aylward

Dave and Fred Aylward
Originally uploaded by Baggage Reclaim.
I found this picture on Flikr. The man on the right purports to be called Fred Aylward, better known as Les out of Vic Reeves Big Night Out.

Is it the Fred Aylward? I am going to do some advanced CSI style image reconstitution to try and discover for myself. Also, I've asked the photographer if he knows.

My CSI style reconstruction.

It looks more like Adam Clayton out of U2 to me, but there you go.


Mrs Woman said...

Yeah, his lip and nose looks like 'Les', so it probably is. Try him on the chives!!!

Happy New Blog BTW : ) Good one.

Smallbrainfield said...

If you follow the link via the photo to Flickr, you'll see the reply from the chap that took the picture. (I won't spoil the surprise.)

richard castle said...

thats fred alright, les lives!!!!!